Eva Curth & Eva Zöllner

“Welcome to heaven, here is your harp!“ … „Welcome to hell, here is your accordion!“.
Gary Larson ´s cartoon draws two instruments in their milieu. Eva Curth and Eva Zöllner prove that the two instruments, though very different at first glace, work very well together and take their audience on a journey beyond musical prejudices.
Oliver Frick (1971): AuCONtrAIRe (2006)
John Cage (1912-1992) chess pieces (1944)
Stepha Schweiger (1964) Engel (2011)
Szene für Harfe, Akkordeon & Tonband
Perttu Haapanen (1972) Nuances (2000)
Thomas Stapel (1964): Notturno (2014)
für Akkordeon, Sprechstimme und Harfe
Helmut Zapf (1956) Winter (1996)
stange_AB 29_7_2012_026

The Slide Show Secret

John Eckhardt, double bass & Eva Zöllner, accordion

The Slide Show Secret was founded in 2004 by German accordionist Eva Zöllner and Icelandic double-bassist Kristján Orri Sigurleifsson. In 2008 John Eckhardt took over the part of the double bassist and the duo keeps commissioning new works for their unique combination of instruments. Both musicians have a special interest and experience in contemporary music and are attracted by the many unexplored sound possibilities of their instruments. The ensemble´s cooperation with composers, cultural institutions, other musicians and artist leads to a creative exchange of ideas and is inspiration for an artistic work of high quality and intensity.
IMG_9418 (2)
John Cage (US, 1912-92) Thirteen Harmonies (1985)
Sidney Corbett (1966) Fremde Rosen (2006*)
Ingi Gardar Erlendsson (1980) Molar (2005*)
Adam Fergler (1984) flirtations (2007*)
Matthias Kaul (1949) Salty (2008*)
Reso Kiknadze (1960) Graphonyme (2008*)
Ivo Nilsson (1966) Doppelzimmer (2006*)
Helmuth Oehring (1961) Plath, S (1998/2005)
Samir Odeh Tamimi (1970) Ratháa (2004)
Tomi Räisänen (1976) Inside a mechanical clock (2008*)
Steingrimur Rohloff (1971) Archetyp (2005*)
[zygote]: complicity simplex (2010*)
Mic Spencer: intervolve (2010*)
Haukur Tomasson (1960) Reaction (2007*)
Helmut Zapf (1955) Winter (1999)
* commissioned and premiered by The Slide Show Secret

John Eckhardt is a versatile chamber musician and improviser. His work both as a double bass soloist and ensemble musician continue to lead him to international venues and festivals. His solo CD “Xylobiont” (PSI rec.) and his recordings of various kinds of contemporary music such as Xenakis’ seminal masterpiece “Theraps” (Mode rec.) found worldwide recognition. In addition, he is involved in a number of club music, drone and multimedia projects as a bass guitarist and composer. John lives within earshot of the Hamburg harbor.


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Frauke Aulbert, voice
Shanna Gutierrez, flute
Eva Zöllner, accordion
Francisco Castillo Trigueros, electronics

Collect/Project emerges from a pool of todays highly skilled contemporary music interpreters, versed not only in classical and experimental performance techniques but also steeped in popular and folkloric music traditions. Collect/Project members seek more than mere interpretation and perfect fulfillment of a score. We seek the music within the music. We seek creative subtlety to free orthodox interpretations and reveal novel nuances. Performing not only works which deploy the creativity of the performer beyond what might be considered normal boundaries, but also taking the liberty of re-creating or re- arranging a work in new ways which still serve the original creative intent of the composer.

Collect/Project believes the art of interpretation is a fundamental component in the creation of music, for which the score can only be a reminiscence. Music in the western world is mostly a result of co-production: performers are in need of composers and vice versa. One would not exist without the other. The collection and projection of the music hidden within a score requires dedicated work of a most sensitive musician to give life to what existed, however intangible, before the committing to paper, and not merely reproduce the symbols on the paper. Collect/Project believes the art of music is desperate for interpreters with courage for such performances.

Duo Amaral Zöllner

Heloisa Amaral, piano & Eva Zöllner, accordion

zöllner amaral schmal

Art-Oliver Simon (1966) Wand (2016)
Marina Poleukhina (1989) 
Tregadum (2011)
Alexander Khubeev (1986) 
Phobos und Deimos (2012)  
Younghi Pagh-Paan (1945)  Silbersaiten IV (2010)
José Maria Sanchez- Verdu (1968) Jardín azul (2010)
Further composition commissions in preparation

Heloisa Amaral (BRA/NO) studied piano, historical keyboards and conducting in Freiburg (DE) and Oslo. Her early interest for contemporary experimental music has led to collaborations with composers and sound artists such as Helmut Lachenmann, Natasha Barrett, Simon Steen-Andersen, Johannes Kreidler, Alvin Lucier, Phil Niblock, Jan St Werner or Marina Rosenfeld. A former member of asamisimasa, Heloisa currently performs as soloist and chamber musician, with Duo Hellqvist/Amaral, Duo Amaral/Zöllner and Ensemble neoN. Recent performances (2016) include concerts at ZKM, Casa da Musica, Tschaikovsky Saal Hamburg, De Bijloke and Mata Festival. Recent releases: NEON at GRAPPA, Lush Laments for Lazy Mammals with Håkon Stene on Hubro. Upcoming concerts include commissions by Marina Rosenfeld and Joanna Bailie for Only Connect 2018. In addition to her work as a performer, Heloisa is active as teacher, curator and artist-researcher. Between 2011-2012, she curated the concert series of Ny Musikk. From 2012 to 15 she programmed the Ultima Academy and other mediation activities at the Oslo Ultima Contemporary Music Festival. Since 2016, she tutors at the Summer Courses for New Music Darmstadt. Currently, Heloisa works as international network manager for the Ultima Festival while at the same time pursuing a PhD in artistic research at the Orpheus Institute (BE).

Eva Zöllner studied classical accordion in Cologne and Copenhagen and is one of the most active accordionists of her generation. As internationally acclaimed soloist she appears in projects ranging from experimental solo performances to concerts with renowned ensembles. An important part of her work is the close cooperation with composers of her generation. She has premiered more than 100 new works for her instrument. Lately she is particularly interested in the potential of the accordion within electro-acoustic music and multimedia art. Eva is based in Germany and lives as a nomadic musician, travelling around the world to explore her instrument in different cultures and contexts.


Stefan Kohmann, extended vibraphone
Eva Zöllner, accordion
Ingo Weiß, saxophone

Kohmann / Zöllner / Weiss had their first and fortunate musical encounter on a former missile launching site in the western woods of Germany.
Since then, driven by their different musical backgrounds from contemporary classical music, jazz and free improvisation, they have a blast riding through the atmospheres of multi-layered structures and dense vibrations. The unusual hybrid of accordion, saxophone and vibraphone leads to an exceeding blend of sound and gesture.

Their latest album “psycho-country-core” was released in October 2018.

KWZ 3 Foto Andreas List
Stefan Kohmann has worked with composers like Karlheinz Stockhausen, Philip Glass and Dieter Schnebel. He spent his life in different countries (Germany, USA and Oman) and performed all over the planet, believing that music has no borders.

Eva Zöllner is internationally renowned for her work in the field of contemporary accordion music. She has inspired composers from all continents and therefore premiered hundreds of compositions worldwide. Her busy touring schedule endows her with an nomadic life filled with great experience.

Ingo Weiss has digged deeply in the ground of free jazz and has released several remarkable recordings. Blessed with great ears and a passion for dance and movement, he developed an exceptional style of playing.

A & O

Eva Zöllner, accordion & Kerstin Petersen, organ

Eva Zöllner and Kerstin Petersen have been performing together since 2009 as Duo A & O. In concert halls and churches all over Europe they present the expressive, multi-colored sound possibilities of their instruments. Unconventional and subtle they draw connections between old and newly composed music. In addition to works written especially for the duo, they work on own arrangements of original works from Baroque to Modernism. In this interplay accordion and organ merge into a unique ensemble, a gigantic wind instrument that creates fascinating sound worlds.

repertoire (Auswahl)
Ruta Paidere: Und endlich der Tanz (2010)
Carsten Hennig: Statuette. Berichterstattung IV (2018)
Tobias Eduard Schick: Quilt (2018)
Matthias Drude: Die dreifache Schnur (2018)
Knut Müller: NiN-LiL (2011)
Oxana Omelchuk: … die Bäume wachsen in den Himmel nicht… (2009)       
Thomas Beimel: Sonata (communio) (2007)
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Sonate c-moll op. 65, arr. A & O
J. S. Bach: Contrapunctus 1 & 3, Kunst der Fuge, arr. A & O
Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon Sol Sol La Sol Fa Mi a 8

Organeum, Orgelpark Amsterdam, orgelARTmuseum Rhein-Nahe, Akkordeon Akut Festival Halle, Hochschulen für Kirchenmusik Herford & Dresden, Sächsischer Musikbund, Orgelakademie Stade, Vision Kirchenmusik u.a.


Windspiel – Duo für Neue Musik
Verena Wüsthoff, recorders & Eva Zöllner, accordion

– contemporary music duo
was founded in the year 2000 by Verena Wüsthoff and Eva Zöllner. Both musicians are mainly dedicated to the performance of contemporary music and they work passionately to explore and advance their instruments´ repertoire and to present it in new contexts. Since 20 years the two musicians astound the public with their lively and authentic interpretations.

Windspiel bunt

REPERTOIRE (selection)
Juan Jose Barcenas: micropersuasion (2008) *WP
Diana Cemeryte: TePraII (2017) *WP
Georgina Derbez: La forca, il sparvier (2007) *WP
Manolis Ekmektsoglou: Like we´ve met before (2019) *WP
Arturo Fuentes: GETMOVE (2011/12) *WP
Beat Gysin: Anor (2006) *WP acc/rec/tape
Keiko Harada: Third Ear Deaf (2002)
Toshio Hosokawa: Birds Fragments IIIb (2002)
Raphael Languillat: Pietà (Black) (2017) *WP
Gerhard Müller-Hornbach: mild und leise (2005)
Adrian Nagel: Stationen (2019) acc/rec/elec *WP
Kumiko Omura: von jenseits des Flusses (2005) *WP
Eleni Ralli: would you like to talk to me (2019) *WP
Fabrizio de Rossi Re: I will cry 96 tears (2010) *WP
Simon Vosecek: Durst! (2012) *WP

sing to me of heaven
a church concert with music by J. Cage, M. Lavista, S. Gubaidulina, G. Derbez
ORANGE NOISE accordion, recorders, electronics
music by B. Gysin, P. Köszeghy, G. Kampe
In the bamboo forest
Japanese chamber music by K. Harada, T. Hosokwa, N. Kawakami

Verena Wüsthoff studied the recorder at the Academy of Music Cologne (D) and the Academy of Arts HKB, Berne (CH) and is a dedicated performer of contemporary music, both as soloist and as a member or guest of various ensembles (Windspiel, The Slide Show Secret, Tibia, QNG etc.)
A great interest in contemporary chamber music for recorder, and the development of innovative concert-programmes that combine music with media and other arts are vital aspects of her artistic work. In order to develop and explore the recorder-repertoire for new sounds and dramatic qualities she pursues the cooperation and dialogue with composers and artists all over the world, currently Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and Australia. As a result, new chamber music pieces for the recorder are being written by various composers and premiered by Windspiel | Contemporary Music Duo.
She regularly tours Europe and abroad for concerts, and her programmes have been staged at well-known festivals and concert series, such as Biennale Berne, CH, El Colegio Nacional, MX, Hiram CFS, USA, Documenta Kassel, D etc.
Lectures and composers’ workshops in cooperation with universities and cultural institutions (e.g. IMD, UCSD, FNM Young Composers Project, Monash University etc.) complement her artistic work.
In 2003 she won the special award for “most dramatic performance” at the international CHAIN-competition for contemporary music in Riga. She was artist-in-residence at SITKA Center for Art&Ecology USA (2007) and visiting artist at Hiram College OH, USA (09) and Monash University Melbourne (10). Verena has received grants from the American Recorder Society (07), the Toepfer-Stiftung Hamburg (08) and Ohio Arts Council (09).


Heather Roche & Eva Zöllner
clarinets – accordion – electronics
15_07_08_eva_heather_160 Kopie
Clarinettist Heather Roche and accordionist Eva Zöllner are two of contemporary music’s most versatile and adaptable voices. Known for their independent travels in experimental performance and extended techniques, the duo come together in concerts of constantly changing aesthetics and approaches. Adventurous music making, creative risk-taking and innovation characterize their work. In cooperation with composers from different parts of the world they create a new and exciting repertoire and bring it on stage. Duo-Website

Luis Antunes Pena: The Hunter (2017)
P.A. Tremblay: onesinglewordisnotenough (2016)
Ying Wang: unlinked innocence (2016)
Antti Sakari Saario: GhXsts (2017)
Farzia Fallah: the expanded moments (of being) (2018)
Eleni Ralli: Blue (2018)
Elnaz Seyedi: Nach neuen Meeren (2018)
Alican Çamcı: urban scene (2018)
Patricia Martinez: out of sight (2018)
William Kuo: tubular living (2018)
more commissions are planned for 2019/20 season

Duo references: 

Tripclubbing Köln (D), SARC Belfast, University of Leeds, University of York, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), Dias de Musica Electroacustica (P) Bludenzer Tage Zeitgemässer Musik (AT), Mixtur Festival (E), Venice Biennale (IT), CMMAS (MEX)


Born in Canada, clarinetist Heather Roche lives in London. As a soloist and chamber musician she appears regularly at European festivals. She is a founding member of hand werk, and has also played with Musikfabrik (Cologne), mimitabu (Gothenburg), Alisios Camerata (Zagreb), Apartment House (London) and ensemble Proton (Bern). She wrote her doctoral thesis at the University of Huddersfield, where she focused on collaboration between composers and performers. Her blog on writing for the clarinet attracts 90,000 viewers each year. Her debut solo CD, Ptelea is out on HCR/NMC, and her CD featuring the clarinet works of Christopher Fox, Headlong, appears on Metier. www.heatherroche.net

15_07_08_eva_heather_019- Kopie