Verena Wüsthoff, recorders & Eva Zöllner, accordion
– contemporary music duo
was founded in the year 2000 by Verena Wüsthoff and Eva Zöllner. Both musicians are mainly dedicated to the performance of contemporary music and they work passionately to explore and advance their instruments´ repertoire and to present it in new contexts. Being the world´ s only professional recorder accordion duo specialized in contemporary music and having gained more than 10 years of performance experience, the two musicians astound the public with their lively and authentic interpretations.
Windspiel regularly sets up trio collaborations with colleagues. Former projects featured bassist John Eckhardt, guitarist Emanuele Forni and koto player Naoko Kikuchi.
Educational projects are important for us, therefore we frequently offer workshops for music school students or teachers and initialize new pedagogic compositions.

sing to me of heaven
a church concert with music by J. Cage, M. Lavista, S. Gubaidulina, G. Derbez
ORANGE NOISE accordion, recorders, electronics
music by B. Gysin, P. Köszeghy, G. Kampe
In the bamboo forest
Japanese chamber music by K. Harada, T. Hosokwa, N. Kawakami
Windspiel bunt

Juan Jose Barcenas: micropersuasion (2008) *WP
Georgina Derbez: La forca, il sparvier (2007) *WP
Arturo Fuentes: GETMOVE (2011/12) *WP
Beat Gysin: Anor (2006) *WP acc/rec/tape
Georg Hajdu: Tsunami.4 (2012) *WP
Keiko Harada: Third Ear Deaf (2002)
Toshio Hosokawa: Birds Fragments IIIb (2002)
Pèter Köszeghy: Lucutus (1999) acc/rec/tape
Gerhard Müller-Hornbach: mild und leise (2005)
Kumiko Omura: von jenseits des Flusses (2005) *WP
Fabrizio de Rossi Re: I will cry 96 tears (2010) *WP
Simon Vosecek: Durst! (2012) *WP

Verena Wüsthoff studied the recorder at the Academy of Music Cologne (D) and the Academy of Arts HKB, Berne (CH) and is a dedicated performer of contemporary music, both as soloist and as a member or guest of various ensembles (Windspiel, The Slide Show Secret, Tibia, QNG etc.)
A great interest in contemporary chamber music for recorder, and the development of innovative concert-programmes that combine music with media and other arts are vital aspects of her artistic work. In order to develop and explore the recorder-repertoire for new sounds and dramatic qualities she pursues the cooperation and dialogue with composers and artists all over the world, currently Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and Australia. As a result, new chamber music pieces for the recorder are being written by various composers and premiered by Windspiel | Contemporary Music Duo.
She regularly tours Europe and abroad for concerts, and her programmes have been staged at well-known festivals and concert series, such as Biennale Berne, CH, El Colegio Nacional, MX, Hiram CFS, USA, Documenta Kassel, D etc.
Lectures and composers’ workshops in cooperation with universities and cultural institutions (e.g. IMD, UCSD, FNM Young Composers Project, Monash University etc.) complement her artistic work.
In 2003 she won the special award for “most dramatic performance” at the international CHAIN-competition for contemporary music in Riga. She was artist-in-residence at SITKA Center for Art&Ecology USA (2007) and visiting artist at Hiram College OH, USA (09) and Monash University Melbourne (10). Verena has received grants from the American Recorder Society (07), the Toepfer-Stiftung Hamburg (08) and Ohio Arts Council (09).