Boosted, blurred – electrified?
music by B. Gysin, P. Köszeghy, G. Kampe, L. Tomio etc
Windspiel – contemporary music duo
Verena Wüsthoff, recorders & Eva Zöllner, accordion

Recorders and accordion combined with electronic sounds and videos are the thread of this programme that is situated at the intersection of different artistical genres.
ORANGE NOISE is by no means „noise“ in the literal sense, rather a colourful, sometimes flashy, but first and foremost exciting and creative examination of todays sounding art.
windspiel orange (2)

Beat Gysin: Anor (2006) for recorders, accordion and tape
Lorenzo Tomio: Huiro (2007) for recorders, accordion and video
Gordon Kampe: Das Barcklay Syndrom (2006) for accordion, CD and accessories
Pèter Köszeghy: Borg Symbiose (2007) for recorders, accordion and electronics
Fabrizio de Rossi Re: Salse per gru… (1993) for recorder and video
Juan Jose Barcenas: micropersuasion (2008) for recorders, accordion and tape

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