A & O

Eva Zöllner, accordion & Kerstin Petersen, organ

Eva Zöllner and Kerstin Petersen have been performing together since 2009 as Duo A & O. In concert halls and churches all over Europe they present the expressive, multi-colored sound possibilities of their instruments. Unconventional and subtle they draw connections between old and newly composed music. In addition to works written especially for the duo, they work on own arrangements of original works from Baroque to Modernism. In this interplay accordion and organ merge into a unique ensemble, a gigantic wind instrument that creates fascinating sound worlds.

repertoire (Auswahl)
Ruta Paidere: Und endlich der Tanz (2010)
Carsten Hennig: Statuette. Berichterstattung IV (2018)
Tobias Eduard Schick: Quilt (2018)
Matthias Drude: Die dreifache Schnur (2018)
Knut Müller: NiN-LiL (2011)
Oxana Omelchuk: … die Bäume wachsen in den Himmel nicht… (2009)       
Thomas Beimel: Sonata (communio) (2007)
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Sonate c-moll op. 65, arr. A & O
J. S. Bach: Contrapunctus 1 & 3, Kunst der Fuge, arr. A & O
Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon Sol Sol La Sol Fa Mi a 8

Organeum, Orgelpark Amsterdam, orgelARTmuseum Rhein-Nahe, Akkordeon Akut Festival Halle, Hochschulen für Kirchenmusik Herford & Dresden, Sächsischer Musikbund, Orgelakademie Stade, Vision Kirchenmusik u.a.