The Slide Show Secret

John Eckhardt, double bass & Eva Zöllner, accordion

The Slide Show Secret was founded in 2004 by German accordionist Eva Zöllner and Icelandic double-bassist Kristján Orri Sigurleifsson. In 2008 John Eckhardt took over the part of the double bassist and the duo keeps commissioning new works for their unique combination of instruments. Both musicians have a special interest and experience in contemporary music and are attracted by the many unexplored sound possibilities of their instruments. The ensemble´s cooperation with composers, cultural institutions, other musicians and artist leads to a creative exchange of ideas and is inspiration for an artistic work of high quality and intensity.
IMG_9418 (2)
John Cage (US, 1912-92) Thirteen Harmonies (1985)
Sidney Corbett (1966) Fremde Rosen (2006*)
Ingi Gardar Erlendsson (1980) Molar (2005*)
Adam Fergler (1984) flirtations (2007*)
Matthias Kaul (1949) Salty (2008*)
Reso Kiknadze (1960) Graphonyme (2008*)
Ivo Nilsson (1966) Doppelzimmer (2006*)
Helmuth Oehring (1961) Plath, S (1998/2005)
Samir Odeh Tamimi (1970) Ratháa (2004)
Tomi Räisänen (1976) Inside a mechanical clock (2008*)
Steingrimur Rohloff (1971) Archetyp (2005*)
[zygote]: complicity simplex (2010*)
Mic Spencer: intervolve (2010*)
Haukur Tomasson (1960) Reaction (2007*)
Helmut Zapf (1955) Winter (1999)
* commissioned and premiered by The Slide Show Secret

John Eckhardt is a versatile chamber musician and improviser. His work both as a double bass soloist and ensemble musician continue to lead him to international venues and festivals. His solo CD “Xylobiont” (PSI rec.) and his recordings of various kinds of contemporary music such as Xenakis’ seminal masterpiece “Theraps” (Mode rec.) found worldwide recognition. In addition, he is involved in a number of club music, drone and multimedia projects as a bass guitarist and composer. John lives within earshot of the Hamburg harbor.