Eva Zöllner presents brand new accordion music and makes use of various electronic, visual and more rustic resources. The references are varied: It s about water and air, insects and zombies, living and working environments and always about exploring and extending the instrument´s possibilities in current music creation.
Resonanzen Festival Leipzig 2014

Neele Hülcker (1987) Eva und Neele (2013) for accordion & video
Maximilian Marcoll (1981): Compound No.1 CAR SEX VOICE HONKER (2009)
Nicolai Worsaae (1980) Upon your body I m crawling (2012) for accordion & harmonica
Martin Schüttler (1974) Schöner Leben 8 (2016) for accordion & live-electronics
Ipke Starke (1965) FRAGMENT (2014) for accordion, live-electronics & video

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The presented concert programs are proposals that have been proven in performance practice and thus can serve as a starting point for other programs. I will be happy to respond to your wishes and ideas. I can design programs on other topics (for example with references to poetry or visual arts, geographical focus, composers portraits, …), integrate other musicians/artist, or develop site-specific events.
I look forward to talk to you, please don t hesitate to contact me personally!

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