11 sound games for accordeon, live electronics, video projection and dexterity games
with Kirsten Reese (composition/programming),
Eva Zöllner (accordion),
Sukandar Kartadinata (sensors/programming)
Kugelspiele – are 11 different small scale dexterity games from the 1970ies or 80ies found at a flea market in Paris. Tiny balls have to be manoeuvered through labyrinthlike patterns. Live-electronic sounds are triggered and influenced by the movement of the balls. The accordeon player reads the movement of the balls, which are projectoed onto a video creen, like an instrumental score.

Kirsten Reese´s Website


Ipke Starke: FRAGMENT (Das Kapital ist soviel Wert, wie es Elend produzieren kann.)
Resonanzen Festival Leipzig 2014
for accordion, live electronics, marching band and video
first performance; Schaubühne Lindenfels, Leipzig, October 2014
with Spielmannszug Mutzschen

composition: Ipke Starke
accordion: Eva Zöllner
video: Ute Richter

Saal-101 (2)

Ipke Starke (composition) studied music in Leipzig and Paris and then worked as an assistant for computer-supported composition at IRCAM in Paris .Since 2000 he is professor of music theory and composition at the Academy of Music in Leipzig . His work includes pieces for instrumental ensembles , electroacoustic media and genre – crossing projects.

Ute Richter (video) studied Fine Arts in Berlin, Dresden and Paris. She develops location- and context-related installations. Her works include drawing, video, installation and intervention in public space. Since 2006 she teaches at the TU Dresden in the Department of Architecture.

Saal-64 (2)
duration 60ʻ
I Signal/Fanfare
II Marsch.Maschine
III Nachtarbeit
IV Lied der Arbeit, Morsecode
Turneraufmarsch, Wien 1923/29 Video
V Choral der Arbeitsmoral
VI Lied des Rattenfängers I
Arbeit ist Hoffnung/Spielmannszüge Video
Organized Sound Einspielung
Edgard Varèse, Interpolation1 aus Déserts, 1954
Sylvianer Marsch/Fanfarenmarsch Olympia SPIELMANNSZUG MUTZSCHEN
Deutschmeister Regimentsmarsch
Heimgekehrt Videotext
VII Freizeit. Nichts zu tun. Nichts.
Karrieregespräche Einspielung
Landschaft Videotext
VIII Einzug der Zombies Akkordeon


Eva Zöllner presents brand new accordion music and makes use of various electronic, visual and more rustic resources. The references are varied: It s about water and air, insects and zombies, living and working environments and always about exploring and extending the instrument´s possibilities in current music creation.
Resonanzen Festival Leipzig 2014

Neele Hülcker (1987) Eva und Neele (2013) for accordion & video
Maximilian Marcoll (1981): Compound No.1 CAR SEX VOICE HONKER (2009)
Nicolai Worsaae (1980) Upon your body I m crawling (2012) for accordion & harmonica
Martin Schüttler (1974) Schöner Leben 8 (2016) for accordion & live-electronics
Ipke Starke (1965) FRAGMENT (2014) for accordion, live-electronics & video

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