Paris, France

Cité Internationale des Arts

8:30 PM

Katja Šulc, chant (Slovénie)  & Eva Zöllner, accordéon (Allemagne)
Monday, July 6, 2015, 20.30 Cité Internationale des Arts, Auditorium, entrée libre

Katja Šulc and Eva Zöllner met during their residency at Cité  Internationale des Arts and discovered some common ground, which made  them want to share the stage. They bring together two different worlds  that will complement each other and take the listener on an intimate  journey through sounds, lyrics and visuals.


“Nomadische Luftspiegelung” - Antti Saario / accordion and fixed media 
“Of Waters Making Moan” - Rebecca Saunders / solo for accordion
“O Brîsind sîn Me” / “The Rain is Me” - poem by Luminita Mihai Cioaba / music by A. Usatch, K. Šulc
“E Plain an Kidipe” / “On the Prostrate Mountain” - poem by Rajko Djurić / music by Katja Šulc
“Looking on Darkness”  - Bent Sørensen / solo for accordion
“Rroma pakana” / “Rroms believe” - poem by Valdemar Kalinin, music by Alban Usatch
“Pesem o kamnitem pragu” / “Song of a Stone Doorstill” - poem by Gregor Strniša / music by Katja Šulc
“Upon your Body I am Crawling” - Nicolai Worsaae / solo for accordion and harmonica
“Le Shavore” / “Children” - lyrics and music by Szentesi Baloghj Jánosz, Zsigo Jenö

Visuals by Nik Kern (Allemagne) and Tina Šulc (Slovénie)

Katja Šulc is a singer-songwriter moving between poetry set to music, contemporary chanson, jazz and urban beats. She studied music in  Slovenia and at the New School for Jazz&Contemporary music in New  York and in 2008 delivered her debut album MILA, which set to music the  poetry of Slovenian poetess Mila Kačič. On her second album she set to  music her own poetic sketches originating from poetry workshops in New  York. TWISTED DELIGHT was released in 2013 and led to concerts in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Italy, Portugal, Turkey,  Mexico and finally to the nomination for MTV European Music Awards. In  April 2015 Katja released a single O ĆHONUT and announced her new  project of setting contemporary gypsy poetry to music. 

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Cité Internationale des Arts

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