Eva Zöllner also appears as a lecturer, combining music performance and lecture on various topics. Currently, for example, she has worked on the interpretation of Toshio Hosokawa´s music (see below). Presentations on other topics are in preparation.

“How do I perform Hosokawa?”
Lecture-Konzert by Eva Zöllner
T. Hosokawa: Melodia (1979) for accordion
T. Hosokawa: Slow Motion (2002) for accordion
Gagaku: Hyojo no choshi für Sho, transcription for accordion
T. Hosokawa: Birds Fragments IIIb (1990/97) für Blockflöten & Akkordeon

Toshio Hosokawa’s music finds itself in the tension between East Asian and European philosophy and traditions. This results in new musical perspectives which require a special approach to grasp the depth of the music and its backgrounds. What does that mean for the work with the music ? What are the characteristics of these compositions and how do I as an interpreter deal with them?