del viento, los sonidos

    • solo

Contemporary accordion music from Latin America
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In most Latin American countries the accordion is playing a mayor role in popular music, but only very recently it was discovered in a contemporary music context. In many places it is now attracting a lot of interest among composers and public, and I as an interpreter have had the priveledge to be a part of this process . The composers refer to different sources: to the traditional music and culture of their country, to European or US-American contemporary music tendencies, and to other foreign traditions. Also very interesting electroacoustic approaches can be found.. The special cultural background of each country is individually reflected in the pieces.
The composers I have worked with during the last few years all have a very imaginative approach to the accordion. del viento, los sonidos…is a program both varied and intensive and shows different facets of the continent ´s new music life.

accordion solo
Ana Lara (Mexico, 1959) La Suplicante (2009)
Jorge Horst (Argentina, 1963) Fluido Flama (2010)
Carolina Noguera Palau (Colombia, 1978): Canto del Ave Negra
Yemit Ledesma (Peru, 1988): La Señora de Cao (2017)
Jorge Torres Saenz (Mexico, 1968) cold wind garden (2006)
Natalia Valencia (Colombia, 1977): new piece (2021)
Georgina Derbez (Mexico, 1968) Symphonia (2006)
Juan José Bárcenas (Mexico, 1982) new piece (2015)

accordion with electronics
Carole Chargueron (Mexico, 1966): endémico (2007)
Gonzalo Macias (Mexico, 1958) de calle (2011) for accordion and fixed media
Carlos Andres Rico (Colombia, 1986) Nacido en el valle (2015) for acc. and fixed media
Ana Maria Romano: posdomingo 02.10.2016 (2016)
Daniel Quaranta (Brazil, 1966) Chasing Breath (2010) for acc. and fixed media
Rodrigo Sigal (Mexico, 1971) ser otro (2010) for acc. and fixed media
Juan Sebastian Lach Lau (Mexico, 1970)
Todo mundo está afectado de una clausura inaccessible (2015) for acc. & fixed media
Alexandra Cárdenas (Colombia, 1976) Grenzgänger 2 (2014) for acc. & live-coding
Sergio Vásquez Carrillo: Variaciones sobre un tema Yukpa (2017)

with Beto Jamaica, Rey Vallenato, Colombia