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in the bamboo forest

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Japanese chamber music for recorders, accordion and koto
Works by K. Harada, N. Kawakami, T. Hosokawa, K. Omura
and traditional Japanese music
Windspiel | contemporay music duo and Naoko Kikuchi
Windspiel & Naoko
Recorder and accordion sound very similar to the traditional Japanese instruments Sho and Shakuhachi. Therefore Windspiel has been interested in exploring the potentials of sound of both ancient and contemporary Japanese music. This interest resulted in the cooperation with young composers from Japan and during the last few years a couple of new pieces for duo and also for trio with Japanese koto-player Naoko Kikuchi have been created. The pieces are combined with traditional music and the listener is envited to experience the intense sound world of Japanese sound creation.
Alternatively the programme can be performed as a duo version.

Gerald Eckert: Nen IX (2013) for recorders, accordion and koto
Kumiko Omura: in the bamboo forest (2010-11) for Recorder and 20-stringed Koto
Kengyo Yatsuhashi (17th century) song of the seasons for koto and voice
Toshio Hosokawa: Birds Fragments IIIb (1990/2003) for recorders & accordion
Noriko Kawakami: Im Traum, den das Chaos webt (2012/13) für 17-saitiges Koto und Akkordeon
Michiyo Miyagi (Gagaku): Entenraku-Variation (1894) Version für Koto, Blockflöte und Akkordeon

Toshio Hosokawa: Birds Fragments IIIb (1990/2003) for recorders & accordion
Noriko Kawakami: Das Licht der Illusion I (2008) for accordion solo
Kumiko Omura: Von Jenseits des Flusses (2006) for recorders and accordion
Gagaku (traditional Japanese) Hyojo no choshi version for accordion
Kotoka Suzuki: While Ripples enlace (2010) for alto recorder and electronic sounds
Keiko Harada: Third Ear Deaf IIb (2000) for recorders and accordion