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Clarinettist Heather Roche and accordionist Eva Zöllner are two of contemporary music’s most versatile and adaptable voices. Known for their independent travels in experimental performance and extended techniques, the duo come together in concerts of constantly changing aesthetics and approaches. Adventurous music making, creative risk-taking and innovation characterize their work. In cooperation with composers from different parts of the world they create a new and exciting repertoire and bring it on stage.

Duo references:
Gaudemus Music Week (NL), Darmstädter Ferienkurse für Neue Musik (D), Achtbrücken Festival (D), MACBA Barcelona (ES), Biennale di Venetia (IT), Mixtur Festival (ES), Tripclubbing Köln (D), SARC Belfast, University of Leeds, University of York, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), Dias de Musica Electroacustica (P) Bludenzer Tage Zeitgemässer Musik (AT), CMMAS (MEX)

Repertoire (selection)
Rachel Beja (1984) Petrichor (2020)
Alican Çamcı (1989),  urban scene (2018) with electronics
Georgina Derbez (1968) Força d´Amor in quel uccel (2008)
Farzia Fallah (1980), the expanded moments (of being) (2018)
Christopher Fox (1955), On Tranquility (2019)
Lina Järnegard (1979) In wind, waiting and water (2020)
William Kuo (1990), tubular living (2018)
Miki Manabe (1988)   Beat – time vibration (2020)
Patricia Martinez (1973), out of sight (2018) cl, acc, light
Isabel Mundry: Spiegelbilder (1996)
Luis Antunes Pena (1973), THE HUNTER (2017)
Alessandro Perini (1983) Phase/Perspective (2020)
Eleni Ralli (1984), Blue (2018)

Johann Svensson (1983) double dubbing (firefly song) (2020) 
Elnaz Seyedi (1982), Nach neuen Meeren (2018)
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay (1975), asinglewordisnotenough4 (2015)

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