Eva Curth & Eva Zöllner

“Welcome to heaven, here is your harp!“ … „Welcome to hell, here is your accordion!“.
Gary Larson ´s cartoon draws two instruments in their milieu.
Harpist Eva Curth and accordionist Eva Zöllner prove that the two instruments, though very different at first glace, work very well together and take their audience on a journey beyond musical prejudices.

Oliver Frick (1971): AuCONtrAIRe (2006)
John Cage (1912-1992) chess pieces (1944)
Stepha Schweiger (1964) Engel (2011)
Szene für Harfe, Akkordeon & Tonband
Perttu Haapanen (1972) Nuances (2000)
Thomas Stapel (1964): Notturno (2014)
für Akkordeon, Sprechstimme und Harfe
Helmut Zapf (1956) Winter (1996)
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