The Slide Show Secret

John Eckhardt, double bass & Eva Zöllner, accordion

The Slide Show Secret was founded in 2004 by German accordionist Eva Zöllner and Icelandic double-bassist Kristján Orri Sigurleifsson. In 2008 John Eckhardt took over the part of the double bassist. Both musicians have a special interest and experience in contemporary music and are attracted by the many unexplored sound possibilities of their instruments. The duo´s cooperation with composers, cultural institutions, other musicians and artist leads to a creative exchange of ideas and is inspiration for an artistic work of high quality and intensity.

John Cage (US, 1912-92) Thirteen Harmonies (1985)
Sidney Corbett (1966) Fremde Rosen (2006*)
Ingi Gardar Erlendsson (1980) Molar (2005*)
Matthias Kaul (1949) Salty (2008*)
Reso Kiknadze (1960) Graphonyme (2008*)
Ivo Nilsson (1966) Doppelzimmer (2006*)
Helmuth Oehring (1961) Plath, S (1998/2005)
Tomi Räisänen (1976) Inside a mechanical clock (2008*)
Steingrimur Rohloff (1971) Archetyp (2005*)
[zygote]: complicity simplex (2010*)
Mic Spencer: intervolve (2010*)
Haukur Tomasson (1960) Reaction (2007*)
Helmut Zapf (1955) Winter (1999)
* commissioned and premiered by The Slide Show Secret