Verena Wüsthoff, recorders & Eva Zöllner, accordion
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Windspiel | Duo für Neue Musik was founded in 2000 by Verena Wüsthoff and Eva Zöllner. Both musicians are dedicated to the performance of contemporary music and they work passionately to explore and advance their instruments´ repertoire and to present it in new contexts. Since more than 20 years they surprize the public with lively and authentic interpretations.

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Repertoire (selection)
Juan Jose Barcenas: micropersuasion (2008) *WP
Diana Cemeryte: TePraII (2017) *WP
Georgina Derbez: La forca, il sparvier (2007) *WP
Arturo Fuentes: GETMOVE (2011/12) *WP
Beat Gysin: Anor (2006) *WP acc/rec/tape
Keiko Harada: Third Ear Deaf (2002)
Toshio Hosokawa: Birds Fragments IIIb (2002)
Raphael Languillat: Pietà (Black) (2017) *WP
Simon Vosecek: Durst! (2012) *WP