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Eva Zöllner and organist Kerstin Petersen have performed together since 2009 as Duo A & O. In concert halls and churches all over Europe they present the expressive, multi-colored sound possibilities of their instruments. Unconventional and subtle they draw connections between old and newly composed music. In this interplay accordion and organ merge into a unique ensemble, a gigantic wind instrument that creates fascinating sound worlds.

Repertoire (selection)
Ana Szilágyi: Töne Formen Farben (2021)
Ruta Paidere: und endlich der Tanz (2019)
Carsten Hennig: Statuette. Berichterstattung IV (2018)
Matthias Drude: Die dreifache Schnur (2018)
Knut Müller: NiN-LiL (2011)
Oxana Omelchuk: die Bäume wachsen in den Himmel nicht (2009)       
Lina Tonia The Sound of Ganymede (2022)
Thomas Beimel: Sonata (communio) (2007)
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Sonate c-moll op. 65, arr. A & O
J. S. Bach: Contrapunctus 1 & 3, Kunst der Fuge, arr. A & O
Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon Sol Sol La Sol Fa Mi a 8 arr A&O

Organeum, Orgelpark Amsterdam, orgelARTmuseum Rhein-Nahe, Akkordeon Akut Festival Halle, Hochschulen für Kirchenmusik Herford & Dresden, Sächsischer Musikbund, Orgelakademie Stade, Vision Kirchenmusik, Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz, Documenta 15 u.a.