With Ingo Weiß (saxophones) and Stefan Kohmann (extended vibraphone) I have released a new live album with improvised music. It is called Psycho-Country-Core and contains 6 tracks which we performed at Kulturtag Oberscheid earlier this year. It can be purchased for 10,- plus shipping by email to psycho-country-core ( at ) posteo.de or via bandcamp.



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My concert series “Lauschvisite” has been awarded the culture award “Kulturpreis Westerwald” of the Rotary and Lions-Clubs in our region. I am very grateful for this prize and look forward to the next season of experimental concerts in our small town of Montabaur.



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I have been selected for a residency at Caucasus All Frequency Fest in Omalo, Georgia. It´s a workshop and concert series featuring exciting collaborations and knowledge exchange between musicians performing regional music from the Caucasus and experimental musicians from all over the world. I m very much looking forward to this adventure!

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I talked to Carolin Naujocks about my work and some selected recordings.
The result will be broadcasted on May 31, 0.05 am on Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Eva Zöllner stellt vor…
Carolin Naujocks im Gespräch mit der Akkordeonistin

Georgina Derbez “La Forca, il sparvier” für Blockflöten und Akkordeon
Verena Wüsthoff, Blockflöten
 & Eva Zöllner, Akkordeon

Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay 
”nureinwortgenügtnicht 4“
für Klarinette, Akkordeon und Live-Elektronik
Heather Roche, Klarinetten
Eva Zöllner, Akkordeon
Pierre-Alexandre Tremblay, Live-Elektronik und Klangregie

Christopher Trapani “Hafenlieder“ für Stimme, Flöte und Akkordeon
Frauke Aulbert, Stimme
Shanna Gutierrez, Flöte
Eva Zöllner, Akkordeon

Marina Poleukhina “Tregadum“ für Akkordeon und Klavier
Heloisa Amaral, Klavier
 & Eva Zöllner, Akkordeon

Younghi Pagh Paan”Ne Ma-Um“ für Akkordeon und kleines Schlagzeug
Eva Zöllner, Akkordeon



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There ´s a great opportunity for COMPOSERS to work on a new piece for me and Heather Roche with Carola Bauckholt as composition coach. Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer Musik, November 2018. Deadline for application mid April. We are looking forward to your submission. Check out details here

Roche Zöllner 3 Foto Inga Geiser Kopie

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I am very grateful for a special 2017, THANK YOU, everyone who was a part of it! I moved to a new place, crossed the ocean a couple of times, learned some great music, saw amazing places and worked with wonderful people. A very happy and inspiring 2018 to everyone, I hope our paths will cross again soon!
Here are some memories from 2017 which I d like to share with you:

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For SWR2 German Radio I talked to Ulrike Henningsen about my work. It became a very personal feature and can be listened here (in German only, sorry…)

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I am very happy that with great support of MUSIKFONDS I am able to realize the first season of a new series for experimental music in my home town Montabaur. Find Details here


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My project „caja de viento“ as part of the dual year Germany-Mexico came to an end in April 2017 with a concert in Mexico City. I was proud to premier five new pieces which were chosen out of 14 submissions by an international jury (Georgina Derbez, Prof. Ipke Starke and myself)

The winners are

Andrés Guadarrama (1991) Hand Shadows I- II (2017)
Andrea Isabel Gonzales Nieto (1995) Ad infinitum (2017) for accordion and fixed media
Tobias Àlvarez (1996) Disosiación-és (2017)
Vladimir Aranda Rosales (1992) La materia del sueño (2017)
Rodrigo Martínez (1992) Radio Ruido (2017) for accordion and fixed media

Andrea Gonzales received the special prize of the jury for her piece „Ad infinitum“.

I am very happy with the result of the project. The level of all the submissions was very high. It was great to see the dedication and curiousity of these young composers to approach the accordion.
If you want to know more about „caja de viento“ you can find documentation about the three concert tours to Mexico that I made in 2016/17 on the Facebook page of the project.
Many thanks again to the Goethe Institute who made all of this possible!

Documentation of the final concert will soon be online and a CD release of the winner pieces is planned for 2018. Stay tuned!

gewinnerfoto caja de viento

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